Georg Rauch – Art


The Gift of Expression

Georg Rauch 1924-2006

Georg Rauch was a happy man. Following the years detailed in his memoir, The Jew with the Iron Cross, A Record of Survival in WWII Russia, plus two additional years in a TB sanatorium, Georg got up every morning eager to do what he loved best. “Every morning I wake up and can’t wait to get to my studio to see what I completed the day before.”

A master of color and the graphic line, Georg completed over 2000 oil paintings, hundreds of watercolors, scores of editions of serigraphs, as well as hundreds of line drawings and kinetic sculptures. His works were widely exhibited in Europe, the United States and Mexico. Three museum retrospective exhibits also honored him in his adopted and beloved county.

An autodidact. Rauch grew up with the works of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele in the homes of his uncles. He considered Schiele to be his dead master. Georg was generous with young artists, happily sharing his art “secrets”, secure in the knowledge that what they created would be different from his own work.

Since he was so prolific, many of his paintings, serigraphs, and drawings are still available to visit and to purchase. If you would like a private viewing of Georg's work and are near the Jocotepec, Jalisco area... you may CONTACT HERE for an appointment.